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Gami Yarns Episode 1 - Introduction

This course is going to take you step by step from the beginnings of an idea right through to doing an animation that we will help at the end cut into something to show the world.

I will be right by your side throughout this journey talking through the steps to make a Gami Yarn. Gami means Grandmother in my language. You can work on your project as you see fit, and we are happy to do some online chats if you need further information as a teacher.

Along the way you will need a few things and may need some assistance from your parents or school to get things finished:

  • An iPad or iPhone to record the interview with your Gami and the animation afterwards.

  • Headphones to hear that the interview is going well.

  • The app: iStopMotion, which costs around $15. You can download the app here.

  • Possibly a tripod, if you don't have one, make sure you keep the iphone steady while filming your Gami.

  • Some Model Clay. You can learn how to make your own modelling clay/playdough here. We also have some packs if your class or community want to do more than 3 stories. Please get in contact.

  • A space that you can set up your set and shoot the sequence that you want to animate

Also if you are in the Sydney region we are happy to do workshops at centres or schools, so get in contact if this is something you may want to do.

You'll work though the following modules creating your film step by step along the way:

  1. Introduction

  2. Preparation

  3. Filming Gami

  4. Planning Your Animation

  5. Creating Your Set and Characters

  6. Animating

So let's get started...


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